UAS Pilot Scheme

The current course and UAS pilot scheme recognised by the Civil Aviation Authority is the BNUC-S, this is not a pilots licence as such and more a certificate of competence.

Currently the training is run by Euro USC and consists of the following:

– Part 1 is a 2 day theory ground based course and exam
– Part 2 is a flight assessment

Part 1 is applicable to all personnel, including senior managers, involved in UAS/RPAS operations in the interests of safe operational control. Candidates who pass both Part 1 and Part 2 are granted the BNUC-S Pilot Qualification and provided with a BNUC-S identification card.

Part 1 – Ground Theory

The main topics that make up the ground theory syllabus are:

– Aviation safety
– Air law
– Aircraft general knowledge planning
– Flight performance and operational planning
– Human performance and limitations
– Communications
– Meteorology
– Navigation and map interpretation
– Operational procedures

Part 2 – Operations assessment & flight operations examination

The flight exam is deigned to ensure that the key elements required to operate an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) or Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) in a commercial environment are understood and demonstrated in a safe manner.

Areas covered are:

– Aviation law for Light UAS
– Manual and other modes of operations
– Flight preparation
– Flight operation
– Emergency handling
– Crew management
– Post flight checks
– Flight documentation
– Recommendations
– Sign off

Regulation and UAS qualifications allow for safe commercial use and duty of care.

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