Thermography has become an important topic in the industrial and construction sectors in the past few decades. A new development in this area consists of thermographic inspection from the air. Combined with drones, thermal imaging cameras can be particularly useful for inspecting photovoltaic systems. Thermal imaging camera drones are also being used for the thermographic inspection of inaccessible buildings or electric power lines as well as for firefighting and law enforcement jobs. The technology could also be implemented for other industrial applications, research and development, cutting edge aerial archaeology or nature and animal observance.

Prior to the use of drones, overviews of larger photovoltaic systems could only be thermographically examined from higher locations and buildings using skyworkers or elevated photography tripods, which required extensive effort and was quite inflexible. Beni Riedi of the Swiss firm emitec Messtechnik AG was dissatisfied with this and therefore developed the idea of a thermal imaging camera drone to inspect photovoltaic systems and larger buildings.

This area of drone provision further confirms the wide use of drones for industry and how they can be used in a number of different areas, by simply choosing the correct payload and aircraft. At CTR Drone Services, we utilise the highest level of drone equipment and camera systems.