Special Projects

Aerial Photography

Drawing from the experience of our staff and the environments we have worked in, we are best placed to offer specialist UAV and aerial photography based solutions. We have no set criteria for such projects, and we will assess each request on a case by case basis. Our special projects teams are primarily used for aerial photography projects that fall in to the following categories:


Using our high definition cameras and professional photography/cinematography aerial systems, we are best placed to film your event and provide some excellent coverage. We can provide the raw footage or we can provide a complete event video with soundtrack and overlays.


Through our security orientated sister company (CTR Secure Services), we are able to provide advice and guidance on how our UAV’s can increase the effectiveness of security teams and/or contracts. This could include the use of UAV’s in a maritime setting, drones used for surveillance activities, filming of protestors and so forth.


Both the staff and owners of the company have experience of working and living in extreme environments, whether mountaineering, running ultra races or trekking in undiscovered areas. We can operate our UAV’s in most environments from arctic, jungle, desert and more in order to agin aerial photography.

Special Occasion

You may be looking for aerial photography of your wedding, event or other special occasion, we can help you exceed what you thought was possible. Safety is paramount and so a full risk assessment is carried out and all the risks are identified, let us create memories that you will never forget.


You may be looking to train your staff internally and/or need advice on how to operate UAV equipment, we offer full training and guidance and in some instances rent the equipment on short-term basis.

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