Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Our UAV services are suitable for oil & gas related inspections, whether onshore or offshore. Using our highly rated specialist drones, we are able to safely and professionally inspect various areas of your platform. The main difference is that our equipment is the only current professional inspection type drone that uses high grade sensors in order to assess it’s surroundings and be able to ‘sense and avoid’ various obstacles.

Specialist Drone

Our drone or UAV uses leading technology which is a pioneering step in the world of Oil & Gas inspection services. It can be flown fully automated, through target identification and also manually by a BNUC-S qualified pilot.

Specialist Training

All our flight crew have received the relevant oil & gas onshore and offshore training, including survival training. Health and safety is paramount within our company, hence the enhanced level of training each of our staff members receive in addition to meticulous planning for each task.

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