Drones help in Japan aid relief

Drones are delivering food to residents of a Japanese town devastated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster where access to shops is limited. Residents were allowed to return to the Minamisoma area last year but obtaining supplies can be difficult. Operators of the drone food delivery…

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live streaming drone

Live Streaming Drone

Live Streaming Drone CTR Drone Services are pleased to announce that they now have the capability to live stream their aerial imagery as it happens and this means anywhere in the world. Using our live streaming drone, then we are able to undertake aerial requests…

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CTR Drones support Nigeria

CTR Drones are proud to announce a new contract starting in Nigeria which will see them providing various aerial services to Nigerian mining and resources companies through out the country. This contract is after many months of in depth analysis and tendering in order for…

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UAV hire

How to Choose the Right UAV Hire Provider

As drones become more widely known and people and organisations understand the benefits of what they can provide, then ultimately the rise in UAV providers increases and this can cause confusion to people searching for drone services. The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) industry is fairly…

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Leading International Food Manufacturer

CTR Drone Services recently completed an aerial site survey and imagery job for a leading global food manufacturer based in Spalding in Lincolnshire. CTR were approached to fly their UAV’s on the large scale site in order to capture various images of the different manufacturing,…

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Bristol Homoeopathic Inspection

Another successful inspection was completed by our UAV team, specifically a roof inspection of the Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital with the aim of assessing the current state of the roof on this well presented building. Once the instruction had been received, the project team set about…

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uav roof inspection

Aerial Roof Inspection

In the past, roof inspections and surveys have required time and money in order to access the roof. Now, with enhanced UAV technology then time and costs have reduced dramatically and more importantly safety has increased. Aerial roof inspection is an important factor in property…

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Thermographic Inspection

Thermography has become an important topic in the industrial and construction sectors in the past few decades. A new development in this area consists of thermographic inspection from the air. Combined with drones, thermal imaging cameras can be particularly useful for inspecting photovoltaic systems. Thermal…

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drone photography

Drone Photography

What is Drone Photography? Well, simply put it is the use of unmanned aerial systems fitted with a camera in order to take images from a new perspective i.e. the air. In more detail this can be conducted in a variety of manners and with…

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Estate Agencies and Aerial Work

When you have decided it is time to move on whether to upsize or downsize your home, then estate agents are the first port of call for homeowners. They are the agencies responsible for selling your home as quickly and as stress free as possible,…

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