drone photography

What is Drone Photography? Well, simply put it is the use of unmanned aerial systems fitted with a camera in order to take images from a new perspective i.e. the air. In more detail this can be conducted in a variety of manners and with an array of different flight systems and camera systems, and this all depends on the need of the client. CTR Drone Services drone photography ranges in capability and complexity, from general aerial imagery and video services through to taking calculated images and then converting these into 3D models whether a building, landscape and so forth.

It’s a true fact that most people can go out and purchase a cheap drone or UAV from their high street shop, although these tend to be poor in quality and not as safe or reliable as professional grade drones, also the camera systems they carry tend to be low quality. For professional drone services then state of the art aerial systems are a must which allow the pilot to manoeuvre the aircraft in close proximity of buildings and structures using high spec GPS assisted flying. The payloads or camera systems are also of professional quality and range from digital SLR’s through to expensive multispectral or thermal imaging cameras.

The use of drone photography allows clients from many industries and sectors to gain expert images of their assets, and this could be an estate agent needing an aerial view of a clients property through to oil and gas clients needing specialist inspections of their stacks or rigs. In addition to this there must be some form of competent planning of the task at hand, ensuring that a risk assessment has been completed and that the pilot and camera operator understand the risks involved with that particular task, and this could be the public, surrounding structures/buildings, power lines, traffic, low flying aircraft and so forth.

To be able to fly UAV’s commercially then each pilot must undergo ground based training and then pass a flight test, and from there gain CAA permission for aerial work. This then allows that pilot/organisation to operate within the legislative requirements and means that they have been vetted and tested to an appropriate level of knowledge and skills.

So, to answer the question of what is drone photography then it means it can involve much thought and then the relevant equipment in order to satisfy the client. Most UAV companies should provide a free consultation as CTR Drone Services do and this will allow our staff to assess the requirement and advise of the ability to conduct the work. In addition potential clients are able to ask any questions they may have and our staff are able to better inform the individual of the systems we have and how they operate.