UAV hire

As drones become more widely known and people and organisations understand the benefits of what they can provide, then ultimately the rise in UAV providers increases and this can cause confusion to people searching for drone services.

The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) industry is fairly heavily regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority, they are the organisation also responsible for other matters concerning everything in the air including planes, pilot licensing and so on.

There are many different terms used for drones and these include UAV’s, UAS’s, RPAS and so on, although they all mean the same thing. So, what is a drone or UAV? It is either a fixed wing or multi rotor aircraft that is normally controlled by a pilot at ground level although there are varying levels of automation also included in flying unmanned aircraft. One of the main differences and one that is governed by the CAA is whether the use of the drone is for commercial purposes and whether money is exchanging hands. If this is the case then that provider must be suitably accredited by the CAA with a PFAW (Permission for Aerial Work) and also have the relevant pilots training and insurances.

This means that if you are instructing a commercial UAV provider for UAV hire services, then there are some elements to check first which include:

– CAA PFAW is in place
– Valid insurance is in place
– Pilots qualification and experience
– Type of aircraft to be used

Any reputable provider will be able to listen to your requirements and then consult on whether the job is doable (in terms of CAA legislation) and also what the est course of action is to gain the level of result you need.

CTR Drone Services welcome any query or enquiry and will answer any questions you may have.