Agricultural Survey

Agricultural Survey

Providing agricultural based services in order for you to pro-actively manage land and crops, using state of the art fixed wing and rotor based aircraft. Our agriculture survey has many benefits and through the use of different camera systems we are able to report on various crop activity.

Using our UAV’s we are also able to take images of your land, quickly assess and check livestock and record land changes. Landowners and farmers are becoming increasingly time constrained and this is where the use of low cost UAV agricultural survey will help increase productivity whilst at the same time aid the monitoring of crops and harvest.

Benefits of Agricultural survey services

– Cost effective
– UK based service provision
– Professional equipment (fixed/rotor)
– Head office in Norfolk
– Rapid deployment and completion

Using different camera systems we are able to provide various feedback based on your crops:

– Biomass indication
– Growth monitoring
– Leaf area indexing
– Plant stress
– Drought assessment

Precision agriculture calls for continuous land management at a competitive cost all the while caring about environmental protection. Up-to date aerial imagery acquired in a user-friendly and fast way and translated into highly accurate multiband orthomosaics and DSMs is a cost effective and user-friendly new way to continuously optimise precision farming techniques. Creating your NDVI has never been faster and more cost effective.

The Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a simple graphical indicator that can be used to analyse Remote Sensing measurements, and assess the health of live green vegetation.

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