uav roof inspection

In the past, roof inspections and surveys have required time and money in order to access the roof. Now, with enhanced UAV technology then time and costs have reduced dramatically and more importantly safety has increased.

Aerial roof inspection is an important factor in property maintenance, whether inspecting a roof prior to a commercial purchase or annual roof inspections then having the capability to conduct speedy and cost effective inspections is a must. We can provide structural aerial surveys, chimney inspections, architectural surveys, birds eye view imaging and many other requests.

The process for UAV roof inspections is simple, once we have received a request then office based research on the property is completed. We can also visit the property for an on site aerial inspection as CTR have three operational offices within the UK, London, Norfolk and Cardiff. Once we have assessed the site then we are able to conduct a high level inspection using one of our fully qualified CAA accredited pilots and inspection class UAV’s.

From start to finish, our clients receive the highest level of return, with emphasis on:

– Safety
– Efficiency
– Professional grade systems
– Relevant insurance
– CAA permission for aerial work

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