Aerial Inspection

UAV Aerial Inspection & Aerial Solutions

Our aerial inspection services provide a cost effective and improved way for many aerial inspection type roles, with a range of added benefits. Using high definition still and aerial filming, we are able to identify and record defects and/or areas where attention is required.

We can provide aerial inspecting services for:

– Mobile Telecommunications
– Wind Turbines
– Power lines
– Cable Inspections
– Pylon Inspections
– Bridge Surveys
– Solar Panel Inspection

The above are just some examples of how our professional grade UAV inspection equipment can be used, and by doing so provide the following benefits:

– Reduce manpower costs
– Reduce the risks associated with working at height
– Access areas/places difficult to reach
– Reduce project time

Our UAV Inspection Pilots

Our pilots are fully qualified at performing aerial UAV inspections and come from various backgrounds, our equipment is fully serviceable and we have the highest level of insurance for commercial UAV aerial inspection work. We also ensure that we invest sensibly in equipment as it develops and this is why we have the highest level of UAV system for inspection purposes, which increases safety of our work through intelligent sensory systems and safe flight systems.

Our aerial solutions have no limitations and we can cater for most clients from most industries, whether inspecting cable for the telecommunications industry or inspecting the underside of bridges for a local authority.

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