Sensefly Exom

The Exom is the next generation in inspection UAV’s and will lead the way due to its sensory ability and increased safety. The ultrasonic sensors are used to maintain altitude, by emitting sound waves and then measuring how long they take to be reflected back…

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Safety Matters

At CTR Drones, we are concious of how we operate and ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the public and our flight crews. We adhere to the strictest legislation and operating procedures as set out by the Civil Aviation Authority and our own internal operations…

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Hexacopter HD

Our hexacopter (6 x rotors) using state of the art equipment such as carbon fibre body, GPS, HD downlink, Pansonic HD camera, powerful motors and much more. The rig is well placed for high quality video and photgraphy work, providing the client with the best…

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UAV inspection services

Mast Inspections

Using our professional unmanned aerial systems, we are able t inspect all types of masts with a view of inspecting structures and equipment. Our trained teams are able to attend anywhere in the UK at short notice.

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